High resolution dual slope 4.5 digit LCD panel meter.

This unit comes with 5 different back light options. Examples of the backlights are above. To order one of them please place the symbols below at the end of the part number when you order, no symbol on the order is a unit with no backlight (Ex: DP-2200NS):

Other ranges available via special order: 0-200V, 0-500V, please contact us if you want one of these ranges for pricing and lead time

AC range units and Amp meters are available as well, but are special order units, please contact us for more details


  • High resolution LCD display
  • 4.5 digit display
  • Dual slope measurement mode
  • 0.3 second sampling time
  • +/- 0.5% accuracy
  • Single terminal input, Screw-type plug terminals
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE and ROHS Compliant


Unit Size79mm X 42.5mm X 25.5mm
Cut Out Size75mm X 39.5mm
Temperature Range0 - 50C
Digit Height14.3mm
Operating Voltages0-200mV


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