Panel mounted hour meter

The DIN standard front dimension of 1.88" x 1.88" (48 x 48mm) makes these hour meters suitable for flush mounting and optional 2.16" x 2.16" (55 x 55mm) and 2.83" x 2.83" (72 x 72mm) bezels are available. Model DP-4AH57 is suitable for base or DIN rail mounting. The base mount is either screwed down or fitted to the rail and the meter is then clipped into it.

These hour meters normally display to a resolution of tenths of an hour. The AC model shows a rotating white striped wheel to indicate that it is operating.

The AC unit normally operates 24, 115 and 230VAC 50Hz but other voltages and 60Hz versions are available to special order.

On AC models the mains supply (50 or 60Hz) is used as the frequency standard. On DC models the frequency is quartz crystal controlled.

Electrical connection is via screw terminals but versions having flat 0.03" x 0.25" (0.8 x 6.3mm) pins or flying leads are also available. 2.16" x 2.16" (55 x 55mm) and 2.83" x 2.83" (72 x 72mm) bezels are available.


  • 7 digit 4mm white on black for hours, red on black for decimal.
  • Standard 48 x 48 DIN size.
  • Rugged and insulated plastic case.
  • DC or AC (50 or 60Hz). Synchronous motor drive for AC model.
  • Quartz crystal frequency control for DC model.
  • Extended temperature range model available to special order.
  • Isolation protection to VDEO435.


  • Service interval monitoring
  • Machine run time monitoring
  • Machine utilization timing for pricing, estimating etc.
  • Warranty or rental time measurement


Height 1.81" (46 mm)
Width 1.81" (46 mm)


Supply Voltage24, 115 or 230VAC +10% -20% 50 or 60Hz. 12 - 24, 36 - 80 or 110 VDC u00c2u00b115% u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0
Power ConsumptionApprox 1.2VA at 230VAC, approx 180mW at 12VDC u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0
Display0.16" (4mm) characters. Hours - white on black, decimal - red on black u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0
Environmental ProtectionIP52, DIN 40 050 from front u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0
Operating Temp.-15u00b0C to +50u00b0C (AC). -20u00b0C to +60u00b0C (DC) u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0
MountingFlush mount using bezel or screw or rail mount to DIN 46 277 using base mount u00c2u00a0u00c2u00a0
Weight1.7 oz (48g) (DP-H57), 3.0 oz (84g) (DP-AH57)