10 Pin Wire Harness

Wiring Connectors:

  • 10-Pin connector, 12-Pin connector, 13-Pin connector, 4-Pin connector
  • C-10, C-12, C-13, C-4


UL E182481-T Connector Amps2A
UL E108485-S Wire Temp80u00b0C
CSA LL84687 Wire Guage (AWG)26
Connector 10 pin - RED on pin #1, BLACK on pin #2
Connector Acceptable Guage23 - 26
CSA LL84687 Wire Temp90u00b0C
CSA LR107258-3 Connector Amps2A
CSA LR107258-3 Connector Voltage250V
UL E108485-S Wire Voltage300V
Wire EndsStripped 3/16" and tinned
UL E108485-S Wire Guage (AWG)26
Connector Holes0.025" square holes on 0.1" centers
UL E182481-T Connector Voltage250V
CSA LL84687 Wire Voltage300V

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