3 1/2 digit LCD, 5V Flatpack

The DP-176 Series is an ultra-thin, low-power DPM well suited to portable or battery-powered applications. The DP-176 meter uses 9V power (only 1.6mW) and accepts only differential inputs that are isolated from the motor?s power source. The DP-176S meter has the same features, but uses 5V power (15mW) and is used for either differential or single-ended signals.

The input voltage range is ±200mV. Usage with higher voltage ranges requires external scaling resistors. Automatic polarity, overrange indication, and user selectable decimal point are standard features. The 9V version includes a BAT indicator in the lower-left corner of the LCD, which illuminates when the supply voltage drops below 7.2V.

The DP-176 Series employs a dual slope integrating A/D converter and operates from an internal 100mV reference via a precision DC-to-DC converter. Typical accuracy is ±0.1%. Both versions use an internal bandgap reference for temperature stability. Reference voltage pins enable ratiometric measurements or input offset adjustments.

The flatpack package provides 15-pin solder pads for easy connection to the meter. An optional bezel mounting kit is also available


  • Convenient flat panel package
  • Shallow depth (0.32")
  • Ideal for battery operation
  • Very low power consumption (9VDC @ 180µA)
  • 9V version for differential inputs
  • 5V version for differential or single-ended inputs
  • 0.1% typical accuracy
  • User-selectable decimal point
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Quantity discounts


Pin No. Pin Name Description
1 VDD Power supply (+5V or +9V)
2 TST Digits test (connect to pin 1)
3 INHI(+) Positive input signal
4 INLO(-) Negative input signal (see Technical Note 1)
5 GND Power supply ground
6 RFL External reference low
7 RFH External reference high
8 COM Analog Common
9 ROL Internal reference low
10 ROH Internal reference high
11 DP3 1.XXX (connect to +VDD to turn on)
12 DP2 1X.XX (connect to +VDD to turn on)
13 DP1 1XX.X (connect to +VDD to turn on)
14 NC No connection required
15 NC No connection required


  • Battery-powered equipment
  • Handheld devices
  • Field service instruments
  • Marine equipment
  • Power supply monitoring
  • Automotive equipment


Control InputsDecimal point select test functions
ConfigurationBipolar, differential
Common Mode Rangeu00b11VDC
Operating Temperature0 to 50u00baC
Warmup, typical10 min
Digits3u00bd Digits (u00b11999 counts)
Input Offset AdjustmentAuto zero
Supply Current, typical3mA
Sampling Rate2.5 readings/s
Weight0.9oz (25g)
Overrange Indication1---for positive, -1---for negative
Overrange Protectionu00b1200VDC continuous u00b1300VDC intermittent
Full-Scale Inputu00b1200mV
Storage Temperature-10 to 60u00baC
Temperature Drift, typical100 ppm/u00baC
Decimal Point3 position selectable
Input Bias Current1pA typical, 100pA max
Other Features/OptionsLow BAT annunciator
BezelB-1B (optional)
Input Impedance10Mu03a9
PolarityAutomatic, "-" for neg input
Supply Voltage5VDC u00b15%
Panel Cutout1.89 x .66
Common Mode Rejection>86dB
Dimensions2.37 x 1.50 x .32
Relative Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing
Type7-segment LCD
Order InfoFlatpack DPM LCD 5V SE u00b1200mV
Package StyleFlatpack w/ solder pads
Accuracyu00b1(0.1% + 2 counts) typ u00b1(0.2% + 2 counts) max
Digit Height.50in (12.7mm)

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