4 1/2 digit LCD, 200mV


  • 4 1/2-digit resolution - ±19,999 counts
  • High accuracy - ±0.02% typical error
  • 3 voltage ranges
  • Very low power consumption (15mW )
  • 5VDC Power
  • Convenient snap-in bezel package compatible with DP-650A Series
  • User-selectable decimal point
  • Hold-display function
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Quantity discounts


Pin No. Pin Name Description
1 V+ Positive supply connection
2 V- Negative supply connection
3 INHI Input high terminal
4 INHI Input low terminal
5 D1 Decimal point = 000.0
6 D2 Decimal point = 00.00
7 D3 Decimal point = 0.000
8 D4 Decimal point = .0000
9 DP DP common - connect to decimal points to activate
10 RNG 10:1 range - connect to V+ to activate
11 HOLD Hold feature - connect to V+ to activate
12 NC
13 NC


  • Laboratory instruments
  • Medical instruments
  • Biochemical/biomedical equipment
  • Electronic test equipment
  • High accuracy/precision measurements


Weight1.1oz (30g)
Decimal Point4 position selectable
Accuracyu00b1(0.06% +1 count) max (10.1 range: u00b10.12%)
Package StyleSnap-in bezel
Dimensions2.49 x 1.02 x 0.83
Relative Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing
Supply Voltage5V: +5VDC u00b15% @ 3mA
Other Features/OptionsDisplay hold function
Input Impedance>100M? (u00b1200mV), 1M? (other ranges)
Storage Temperature-20 to 70u00baC
Polarity IndicationAutomatic "-" for neg input
Sampling Rate2.0 readings/s
ConnectorC14 (13-pin) optional
Input Offset AdjustmentAuto zero
Input Bias Current1pA typical, 100pA max
Operating Temperature0 to 50u00baC
Temperature Drift, typical100 ppm/u00baC
Digit Height.50in (12mm)
Common Mode Rejection>86dB
Control InputsDecimal point select, hold, 10.1 range
Panel Cutout2.39 x .98
Overrange Indication1---for positive, -1---for negative
Digits4u00bd (19999 count)
Type7-segment LCD
Common Mode Rangeu00b11V DC
Full-Scale Inputu00b1200mV, u00b12V, u00b120V
Order InfoHi-res LCD 5V DPM u00b1200mV, u00b12V
Warmup, typical10 min
BezelSnap-in bezel included

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