4 1/2 digit LCD, 5V power, ±2V input

High Resolution, low-cost 4 1/2 Digit Miniature LCD Digital Panel Meters

  • 4 1/2 digits (±19,999 counts) with high-contrast LCD
  • Window mount or surface mount
  • Low power: 1.5mA (9V, ±5V) or 3 mA (+5V)
  • Optional loop powered 4 to 20mA process inputs
  • Only 1" (25 mm) deep, occupies less than 2.4" X 1.0" of front panel space


  • Low-cost, high-performance replacement for many OEM DPMs
  • Mounting choices:
    • Window mount for custom OEM
    • Surface mount with minimum space behind the panel
  • Low power: choice of 1.5mA (9V, ±5V) or 3 mA (+5V)
  • Space-saving design: only 1" (25 mm) deep
  • Occupies less than 2.5 X 1.1 inches of front panel space
  • 4 1/2 digits (±19,999 counts) with high-contrast LCD Display
  • Package compatible with DP-650W


Pin No. Pin Name Description
1 V+ Positive supply connection
2 V- Negative supply connection
3 INHI Input high terminal
4 INHI Input low terminal
5 D1 Decimal point = 000.0
6 D2 Decimal point = 00.00
7 D3 Decimal point = 0.000
8 D4 Decimal point = .0000
9 DP DP common - connect to decimal points to activate
10 RNG 10:1 range - connect to V+ to activate
11 HOLD Hold feature - connect to V+ to activate
12 NC
13 NC


Surface Mount:
Left Diameter (2.8 mm)
Right Diameter (2.8 mm)
Hole Separation Horizontal (54.1 mm)
Distance From Top (12 mm)
Window Mount:
Height (22.2 mm)
Width (58.4 mm)


Conversion Rate2 per second
5V powered DPM+5V DC (4.65 - 5.35) at 3 mA
Normal Mode Rejection>30 db @ 60 Hz
Annunciators"LoBat" when power <7.2 VDC
Operating Range0 to 50 u00baC
OverloadFour lower order digits blank for inputs >1999 & <-1999
Order Info4u00bd digit LCD, 5V power, u00b12V input
Storage Range-20 to 70u00baC
Accuracyu00b1(0.06% fs +1 count) max
Decimal Points4 Position, User Selectable
Type0.5" (13mm) 7-Segment LCD
Common Mode Rangeu00b11V DC (5V powered)
ConfigurationSingle ended for 9V powered, Differential for 5V powered
MountingSurface or Window Mount
Temperature Coeffu00b150 ppm per u00baC typical u00b1100 ppm max for 200mV range u00b1100 ppm per u00baC typical u00b1 200 ppm max for 2V & 20V range
Common Mode Rejection>86dB
Digits4u00bd Digits (u00b119999 counts)
Rangesu00b1200.00mV, u00b12.0000V, u00b120.000V DC
Connection13 pins, 0.025" square on 0.1" centers
Impedance>100Mu03a9 on u00b1200mV; (>1Mu03a9 on 2V & 20V range)
Control InputsDecimal point select, hold, 10.1 range
Zero AdjustmentAutomatic
9V (u00b15V) powered+7.2V to +12 V at 1.5 mA
Bias Current10pA typical
PolarityAutomatic, "-" Displayed.
Power Supply5V DC (4.65 - 5.35) at 3 mA
Warmup10 Minutes Typical

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