Green loop controlled LED, 4 to 20mA

The DP-370 provides a loop controlled 3 1/2 digit red or green LED display. It is compatible with virtually any dc process loop. Available in Red or Green. Large 1/2" numerals. Fully loop compatible. Widest zero and span adjustments. Decimal point user selectable. Factory calibration available.


  • Space saving design
  • Occupies less than 2.3 x 1.1 inches of front panel space
  • Choose a red or green LED
  • 3-1/2 digits with 0.56? LED
  • Mount or window mount with optional bezel
  • User Selectable Decimal Points
  • Widest adjustment range with multi-turn SPAN (GAIN) and bi-directional ZERO (OFFSET)
  • Loop controlled


Width 2.52" (64 mm)
Height 1.1" (28 mm)
Depth 1.33" (33.8 mm)
With Bezel Kit:
Width 2.68" (68 mm)
Height 1.28" (32.5 mm)
Depth 1.36" (34 mm)


Common Mode Rejection>86dB
LEDWindow Mount, or Bezel Mount with Optional Bezel
PolarityAutomatic, "-" Displayed.
Common Mode Rangeu00b11V DC
Operating Range0 to 50 u00baC
Accuracyu00b1(0.1% +1 counts) typ u00b1(0.2% +2 counts) max
RangesProcess Inputs, 4 to 20mA
Process BoardPlugs onto DPM pins, adds approx. 0.6" (16mm) to depth
Conversion Rate3 per Second
Storage Range-10 to 60u00baC
Warmup10 Minutes Typical
Digits3u00bd Digits (u00b11999 counts)
ConfigurationBipolar, Differential
OverloadThree lower order digits blank for inputs >1999 & <-1999
Decimal Points3 Position, User Selectable
Normal Mode Rejection>30 db @ 60 Hz
Zero AdjustmentAutomatic
Loop Burden40u03a9 nominal
Order InfoGreen loop controlled LED, 4-20mA
Temperature Coeffu00b1100 ppm per u00baC Typical
ConnectionScrew terminals on Process Board
Protection80 mA max.
Type0.56" (14.2mm) Red or Green 7-Segment LED
Voltage+5V DC (u00b15%) Isolated