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  • Convenient snap-in bezel package
  • Very low power consumption (5VDC @ 3mA)
  • Differential input, 3 voltage ranges
  • 0.1% typical accuracy
  • User-selectable decimal point
  • Hold-display function
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Quantity discounts


Pin No. Pin Name Description
1 V+ +5V power supply
2 GND Power supply ground
3 DP COM Decimal point return
4 DP1 1XX.X (connect to DP COM to turn on)
5 DP2 1X.XX (connect to DP COM to turn on)
6 DP3 1.XXX (connect to DP COM to turn on)
7 INPUT(+) Positive input signal
8 INPUT(-) Negative input signal (see Technical Note 1)
9 NC No connection required
10 HOLD Hold last display (see Technical Note 2)


  • Portable/mobile equipment
  • Medical instruments
  • Avionics/aerospace systems
  • Office equipment


Digits3 1/2, 1999 count)
Supply Current, typical3mA
Operating Temperature0 to 50C
Warmup, typical10 min
Inputu00b1 20V
Type7-segment LCD
Panel Cutout2.22 x 1.04
Input Offset AdjustmentAuto zero
Decimal Point3 position selectable
Overrange Indication1---for positive, -1---for negative
Order InfoMinature DPM LCD u00b120V
Input Bias Current1pA typical, 100pA max
Sampling Rate3.3 readings/s
ConnectorC-10 (10-pin) optional
ConfigurationBipolar, differential
Digit Height.39in (10mm)
Polarity IndicationAutomatic - for neg input
Storage Temperature-10 to 60C
BezelSnap-in bezel included
Common Mode Rejection>86dB
Control InputsDecimal point select, hold function
Supply Voltage+5VDC
Weight0.7oz (20g)
Temperature Drift, typical100 ppm
Package StyleSnap-in bezel mount
Relative Humidity0 to 95% non-condensing
Other Features/OptionsDisplay hold function
Dimensions2.30 x 1.10 x .71

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