4 to 20mA loop powered LCD, Blue Negative

The DPL-8 provides a loop powered 0.98", 3 1/2 digit LCD (standard black numerals) with optional 24Vdc powered red, blue, amber, or green negative backlight. It is compatible with virtually any 4 to 20mA dc process loop. User selectable °F, °C, PSI, and % engineering units can be displayed. Fully loop compatible. Separate zero and span adjustments. Decimal point user selectable. Factory calibration available.


  • Provides a large,.98?, 3-1/2 digit display.
  • Optional Red, Blue, Green or Amber backlighting
  • Decimal point user selectable
  • Eng. units user selectable
  • Snap-in panel mounting
  • Gasket and clamp provided for NEMA 4 or 12 applications