4 to 20mA loop powered LCD, Green Negative

The DPL-8 provides a loop powered 0.98", 3 1/2 digit LCD (standard black numerals) with optional 24Vdc powered red, blue, amber, or green negative backlight. It is compatible with virtually any 4 to 20mA dc process loop. User selectable °F, °C, PSI, and % engineering units can be displayed. Fully loop compatible. Separate zero and span adjustments. Decimal point user selectable. Factory calibration available.


  • Provides a large,.98?, 3-1/2 digit display.
  • Optional Red, Blue, Green or Amber backlighting
  • Decimal point user selectable
  • Eng. units user selectable
  • Snap-in panel mounting
  • Gasket and clamp provided for NEMA 4 or 12 applications


Common Mode Rejection>86dB
Rangesu00b1200.0mV, u00b12.000V, u00b120.00V DC, 4-20mA
PolarityAutomatic, "-" Displayed.
Operating Range-10 to 50 u00baC
Zero AdjustmentAutomatic
Warmup10 Minutes Typical
MountingSnap-in Panel Mount
Protectionu00b1350V DC, (u00b1100V DC on 200mV range) (u00b130 mA on 4-20mA)
Conversion Rate3 per Second
AnnunciatorsPSI, u00b0F, u00b0C, % (user selected)
Temperature Coeffu00b1100 ppm per u00baC Typical
OverloadThree lower order digits blank for inputs >1999 & <-1999
Power SupplyPowered by the Milliamp Control Loop. Loop Burden 300 W nominal
Decimal Points3 Position, User Selectable
Type0.98" (24.9mm)
Impedance>1M?, (>10M? on 200mV range)
Digits3u00bd Digits (u00b11999 counts)
Connection4 screw terminal (4-20mA) 13 pin male connection (voltage) 13 pin connector/wiring harness included
Normal Mode Rejection>30 db @ 60 Hz
HoldDisplay Hold Function is Standard
ConfigurationBipolar Differential
Common Mode Rangeu00b11V DC
Storage Range-40 to 75u00baC
Accuracyu00b1(0.05% fs +1 count)

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